WhatsApp Web – How to open Mobile WhatsApp on your PC or MAC?

May 25, 2021

II hope, all of you may are using WhatsApp but how if you can open it on your PC or MAC? Yes, I am right. Because WhatsApp Web or web.whatsapp.com is an amazing website that opens your mobile WhatsApp on your PC or MAC. 

In today’s modern era of technology, everybody wants to chat with their loved ones easily even across the globe. Also, due to a busy routine, they wanna chat without losing any time. According to the modern world,  many developers have planned to create a way that connects everyone with their loved ones easily and makes them close to each other. So, they did a great job and created many chatting applications but “WhatsApp” is considered the king of all these applications.

What is WhatsApp Web or web.whatsapp.com?

WhatsApp Web is a PC and MAC version of Whatsapp messenger. It can be used to mirror all the conversations and chattings and allows you to watch them on your MAC or PC and also, it allows you to communicate with those who messaged you on WhatsApp by using the keyboard of your PC or MAC. So, now you are able to chat with anybody near or dear from your PC easily by using this great feature. It allows you to read, write, receive and send messages directly from WhatsApp Web.

This extension tool is best for especially, those guys who don’t like to read, write, receive and send messages through their Smartphones and loves to spend most of their time on PC or MAC. 

How to use WhatsApp Web OR How to Open Mobile WhatsApp on PC or MAC?

As due to some anonymous reasons many of us want to use WhatsApp on our PC or MAC . So, there is no such a algebra to use WhatsApp on your PC or MAC . It is quite simple to use on your PC Or MAC . So, let’s begin:

In order to use WhatsApp on your PC or MAC, first of all , you should have an account on WhatsApp and a suitable internet connection as well . Now, there are two ways that allows you to use your WhatsApp on PC or MAC. The first one is to be signed into browser and the second one is  through a desktop app. You can use one of them at a time not both. So, let’s have a look on both of them one by one.

To Access WhatsApp from PC Browser:

  • First of all, visit web.whatsapp.com
  • Check for ” Keep me Signed in ” in the lower right hand to stay logged in. 
  • Open the app WhatsApp on your phone whether it is an iPhone or an Android.
  • Go to “Settings” in the application and find “WhatsApp Web/Desktop”. 
  • Scroll down and tap on “Scan QR Code“.
  • Now, scan the QR Code on the webpage by using your smartphone. Scan it correctly. You can scan it again by clicking on the green button with an arrow on it.
  • Now, your WhatsApp is ready to be used on your PC or MAC through Browser.

To set up the Desktop App:

  • Visit the WhatsApp download page and download the app. It will take some moments. When it’s downloaded then it will be installed as well in just a few seconds.
  • On MAC, a window will be visible to you on your screen. Locate the WhatsApp app in that window to make a folder for WhatsApp in the same window.
  • Click or double click on the application’s folder in that window.
  • Also, a second window will be shown to you with multiple applications. Tap on the icon for WhatsApp in the application window.
  • Click on the option “Open”, when you’ll be asked to confirm that either you want to open the app or not.
  • On a Windows device, the app will be automatically opened.
  • The same steps will proceed and you’ll be instructed to follow the steps like you’ve done in the Browser portion till Scan QR Code. So, it is like a child game to run your mobile WhatsApp on your PC or MAC. 

WhatsApp Web Last Words:

Using WhatsApp Web will make you happy and experienced you on a large screen than your smartphone. Furthermore, you can type easily and fastly by using a keyboard than that of a smartphone. So, from all of the above, now you can enjoy your mobile WhatsApp on a PC or MAC with full of great features. You can comment below for our help or anything else. 

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