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Wrestling Revolution 3D is a famous wrestling platform, it is the popular WWE mod version of MCDickies’s WR3D 2k22. Every year WR3D is upgraded and updated to give gamers a feeling like they are caught up in the 2K22 series. Today we bring you an amazing 3D Game.

It is the most updated in all series, some amazing new moves and extremely amazing wrestlers are also part of this now. In wrestling, it is very important to learn many new tricks and moves to defeat the opponent.

This game is the perfect one for all wrestling fans. Equipped with all the updates, wrestling in this game feels like a true and real match. This platform offers better graphics, the latest superstar wrestlers, a new arena, and all updated wrestling moves. This game is upgraded as compared to wr3d 2k20 and Wr3d 2k21.

All these features are something extraordinary and that is all that gamer needs in wrestling. All you have to do is select your favorite wrestler from many and began a match and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Read this article to the end and you will defiantly be amazed. Detailed information is given below.

WR3D 2K22 – Screenshots

wr3d 2k22
wr3d 2k22 apk

What is WR3D 2K22?

WR3D 2K22 is also known as the wrestling revolution 3D. It consists of roasters like RAW, Smackdown that have a variety of amazing wrestlers. All you have to select from a huge list of wrestlers and start a match. This makes you a champion and easily you can defeat your opponent.

There are even amazing match mods like cage arena, a ladder match, and a tag game match. With all amazing roasters like NXT, this application is extremely enjoyable and feels like you are playing in a real ring. One of the best things is this app supports an external gamepad, which means you can use your external joystick and will be directly connected to the game.

This is big news for wrestling lovers in the world, as you can play a match from various mods and use amazing moves, Locks, and techniques with all your favorite wrestlers. Not only these, but WR3D 2K22 also has some amazing features that will blow your mind once you use it.

WR3D 2K22 – Features:

  • Offline gameplay
  • Unlocking unlimited items
  • All premium features are available
  • All wrestling mods are unlocked
  • Unlimited virtual money
  • Use any wrestler of your own choice all free
  • Updated rosters
  • Gamepads and virtual buttons unlocked
  • Background music feature
  • Hall of fame athletes is also included
  • Realistic opening scenes
  • Good Graphics
  • Game weapons such as tables and ladders are also available to use
  • New and updated arenas
  • Amazing Screen resolutions
  • Team control to choose any opponent or double opponents

WR3D 2K22 FAQs

What are some match mods in WR3D 2K22?

There are some amazing match mods all updated in 2k22. Such as cage arena, a ladder match, and tag game match

What is the size of this app and is it played offline?

The size of this app is 200MB and yes, One of the amazing features of this app is it is played offline.


We will defiantly recommend this application to all wrestling fans, as it provides a user interface and is easily operated. All the amazing features of this app make it the favorite of many wrestling lovers. Many people already have this application and they are all astonished after using this app.

As the wrestling revolution keeps on updating from time to time, it further becomes more entertaining and reliable. The usage of this application is easiest and if you have any queries then feel free to share with us as our team is ready and available to answer all your questions.

Share it with your friends to make the matches more thrilling and enjoyable. Bookmark this website to know about all recent updates of applications. Hope this article was helpful and informative.