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Check various detail of your car or vehicle by using an android application named Torque Pro. Well, this is very interesting to know that now you can check your car’s physical fitness on your smartphone by using an application. We all know that maintaining a car properly is not an easy task. And sometimes we don’t know that what is defecting the car. Keep checking on the mileage and other things sometimes frustrate the person.

We often feel that our car is in a good condition and no need to do some checking. But within a specific time, it comes with a fault that we didn’t imagine. Due to wear and tear and other elements of the car being defective for a long time then it costs high to maintain again. But now everything is possible.

Now you don’t need to keep checking daily on your car and don’t need to think about anything. In this digital era, every problem has a solution so your car has also. All you have to do is just use simple software. it allows you to check the various detail of your car. Like it will let you know about your mileage, Fuel economy, RPM, Graph data, Engine condition, and other car parameters.

About Torque Pro

Torque Pro is a car diagnostic tool that allows you to check various detail on your car. Now you can check Mileage, Fuel economy, RPM, Graph data, Engine condition, and other car parameters on your mobile phone.  It keeps away you from the sudden defects that damage your car’s condition.

This application needs Bluetooth, Storage, network, etc permission to work effectively. Everyone loves their car or vehicle and they want to keep them with care and clarity. Nobody wants that their car engine gets some problem, their engine condition suffers and many other elements face defects.

But besides all these cars get somehow defect. If you want to take care of your car then use this amazing app. you don’t need to go and check everything properly just install it and it will let you know when something happens. The best thing about this app is that it is free of cost you don’t need to pay for its service. Other apps required an amount to get benefits from their service.

But now our website provides this amazing app free of cost. But before using this OBD2 must be present in your device. otherwise, it will not run. To get this app you don’t need to go anywhere else. Download it from our official website.

Key Features

  • Recorder:-  A recorder is presented to record your journey. This is the latest feature of this app.
  • Update Current condition:- 
  • It will update you about the current condition of your car. It will let you know that your care Is in good condition or not.
  • Multiple themes:- Provides Multiple themes to facilitate you and to make your dashboard more attractive. Users can also download themes from an online browser and at any point, you can reset it.
  • Compatible with OBD2:- Before using this you must be sure that OBD2 is present in your device. It is compatible with OBD2.
  • Warning on mobile Phone:- A warning will become to your phone with a voice.
  • G.P.S System:- The best thing is its GPS. which lets you know about Location, Direction, and many more.
  • Check Temperature:- it checks your car’s temperature and informs you if it runs at a high temperature.
  • Safe to Use:- It is safe to use. It does not harm or affect your device.
  • Free to Use:-  It is free of cost. You do not have to pay anything for its amazing premium features.


What is OBD2?

It stands for Onboard Diagnostics-2. It is a diagnostic system that checks all sensitive parts of the car and informs you quickly through the dashboard. OBD2 is the latest version of OBD.

Why should I use this app?

Because it will inform you about your car condition and if any other fault found it immediately lets you know to fix it. Besides all, it is free of cost.

How I will connect this to my device?

First, you have to download this from our website then after installing this once you get it then connect it with Bluetooth and OBD2 adapter that’s it.

How to Download Torque Pro?

All these amazing features with benefits are just one click away from you. Design your car with the latest technology and get benefits from it. Be free from daily checking your car condition and also save your money to spend on sudden defects. All can be in your favor if you download this amazing software. to get this follow the instruction carefully so you can get it very quick and easily.

  • First of all visit our website Downloadapks.
  • Press on the download button below to start downloading.
  • Wait for a while for it to be complete.
  • Then go to the download section of your browser to get the downloaded app.
  • If you get it, then click on it.
  • Allow third-party apps by setting your mobile phone. To allow unknown sources go to setting, then click on the security, and last you see the unknown sources option. Allow it.
  • Then wait for a sec.
  • Now all is done. That is it.

How to install Torque pro?

  • First, complete the download process.
  • Get the app from the link presented below.
  • Then complete all the procedures that we have mentioned above.
  • Allow unknown sources. sources go to setting, then click on the security, and last you see unknown sources option. Allow it.
  • Now go to the main menu of your device you will get your app.


If you want to check your car condition on daily basis and also add some more features to your car then this is the best app for you. It is a pro version of Torque. Get the pro version free of cost from our website. Download it and be a part of the digital era by making your car more digital. Contact us if you face any obstacles while using this app. contact us through your comment in the comments section. We will solve it.