Tool Skin Free Fire

Tool Skin Free Fire

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Android 4.0.3+
Tool Skin
14 MB

Tool Skin Free Fire is the best Android application that enables every user to change the skins of guns, and everything visible in-game. Aside from the gameplay, the best skin and character unique dress are probably the most interesting look in the game. Sometimes you feel a Pro player yourself as well as the enemies also feel that you are the best.

Download Tool Skin APK

Let’s download Tool Skin Free Fire and change all the gun skins, and player costume immediately. The overboard skin and background skin are most important for you.

There are many other apps and apps that don’t offer you to change the main menu background. So today we are here with an amazing tool that changes everything in the Garena Free Fire.

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Tool Skin Free Fire Features

There are some important features that are available in the Tool Skin app, including more than 20 background images. More images and other features will be added very soon.

  • Get different costumes for the player.
  • Change parachute color.
  • Different backpack.
  • Unlimited weapon colors.
  • Hats.
  • Masks.
  • Main menu background.
  • Superboard.
  • Kendaraan.
  • Get new skins on per update
  • This app runs on No root phones as well.
  • Not banned you Free Fire account.
  • Free download for Android
  • Much more.

How to use Tool Skin Free Fire?

  1. The first step that you should download “Tool Skin APK” from the given link.
  2. Give media permission, because it saves images attributes in phone storage.
  3. Now click on the “Daftar Skin” button.
  4. You can search for skin using the search bar.
  5. Select any one skin that you want to apply.


The application doesn’t give premium assets in the game, it just infuses new skin which is safe for your account. Tool Skin Free Fire is the best skin and outfit application that you can use for Garena Free Fire.

The application gives you both more seasoned and more current skin types to infuse in the game for free. There are some other best features that are more helpful for you, change the main menu background, overboard, the parachute color as well as vehicles skin.

Additional Information

July 29, 2020