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TM Whatsapp Apk (Latest Version) v7.79 Free Download for Android

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TM Whatsapp is a kind of application by which you can contact your friends and family whenever you want you can talk to them on calls texts as well as video calls just free of cost? This new feature’s name TM is driven by the developer name Titus Mukisa. It offers the best features of what’s the app hides status, blue ticks, and much more. If u mistakenly sent msg to someone you can remove not just in hours but in days. Most amazing and easy way to chat with your friends and family. 

Features of TM WhatsApp:

Now scroll down and start reading the amazing features of this APK.

  • Hiding feature: You can easily hide your status from friends and also if u don’t wanna give a reply but you want to read their msg you can hide blue ticks also this is so amazing. You can also recall your group and private chats.
  • Pause: I really like this feature because in this feature you can easily change your last seen and make a fake one. Pause your last seen with a fake one if u don’t want to show yourself online. 
  • Sleep mood: You are working on something over the internet and what’s app notifications are disturbing you. Not to worry at all because TM WhatsApp APK gives you a feature sleep mood. Whenever you are busy with some staff just turn on sleep mood and you won’t get any notification from what’s app.
  • Hide important chats: Some chats may be really secure and you don’t want anyone to read. This feature will help you to hide custom messages. You can put security only on those texts which are private.
  • Counter statistics: This feature is for group chats. You will know how many Messages each person sent to in the group.
  • Themes server: Make your what’s app more attractive by applying new themes And wallpaper just download. Also, you can change the ticks to bubbles and other staff.
  • Memory: In a normal what’s app you can send videos of only 16MBs but this amazing APK gives you 50MBs. Share your audio with 100MBs instead of just 16MBs.
  • Schedule message: Don’t miss any occasional wish with this App. Just write and schedule it for exact date and time the person will get your wish. If you forget someone’s birthday they will get angry just write a sweet birthday wish and schedule it. The message will reach the person on time.
  • Status copy: A most amazing feature is status copying. When you like someone’s status just get permission and download your friend’s and family members’ status without any hesitation.
  • Change color: You can easily change icon colors. Add your favorite color. Change icon or image. You don’t need to uninstall the normal one just to run TM WhatsApp. It will work without any issue. Now download this amazing APK and enjoy its amazing features.

How to download TM WhatsApp?

This APK is the third-party application you can’t find on the play store. The link is given you can easily download it just for free.

  • Press on the download button and start the download process.
  • It takes a few minutes.
  • After completing, the download process, click on Apk file and install.
  • While installation if you face an error as installation blocked. Then enable unknown source from setting.
  • Click again on Apk file and install.

How TM WhatsApp is different?

TM WhatsApp is the newest version of the other Whatsapp where you will get more attractive features and amazing ones. Once you start using the app you will be amazed. You can change its theme as u like if you want dull background coffee brown and black theme are available. Let me tell you more amazing Features of TM what’s app. Scroll down

Download pics and videos

In the other WhatsApp, you can not download or save any other person’s status but with this amazing APK you can easily download other’s status might be videos or pictures.

Removing sent message

You can recall any sent message. It also allows you to delete messages after hours and days.

App icons 

Normal Whatsapp doesn’t give you this feature but this one allows you to change app icons.

Schedule messages

Don’t miss any appointment, occasion, or any other deadline. This feature helps you to schedule messages for occasions. There are more amazing features in TM WhatsApp APK just download from the given link and enjoy this app vs other mods


It is free of ads and other useless notifications. Unlike other mods get ads and notifications which are irritating.

Fast and smooth 

This APK is very fast than other mods and also Smooth because it is remodified.

Safe and secure

Other Mods are not that secure for private chats but this APK is safe and secure.

Free of cost 

Unlike other untrusted apps which claim to be free but they aren’t. It is free of cost and you don’t need to get any other link. 


Many other Mods need their compatible android phones but this APK doesn’t need a specific cell phone. You can have this app on any mobile.


Is TM WhatsApp Safe?

Yes, it safe and secure application for all Android devices. It is a modified version of Whatsapp. But it contains some extra features.

How TMWhatsApp Works?

It is a simple android application, and it works just like official WhatsApp because it is a modified version of the original one.

Is the APK file free of cost?

Yes, this application is totally free of cost for all Android smartphones. now download the APK file from our website and enjoy its mod features.


TM WhatsApp Apk is different than other Mods it offers the best features for your android phones just free of cost. Note it down this is the third-party application you can not find on the play store app just follow our link and enjoy this Fabolous APK. Many other APK claims they provide their best. Download it and check its fantastic themes, icons, stickers, and more.