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The features of Skin Tools Pro are amazing and very new for Garena Free Fire users. It is a free tool that provides a variety of skins for Free Fire heroes and weapons. As a result, it serves as an alternative to the official store for FF items. The developers make it for the sole purpose.

This application is useful for Garena Free Fire gamers who do not have the necessary funds in their pockets to purchase gaming items. It works without spending FF currency, such as Diamonds, Coins, Battle Points, and so on. So, no issue if your gaming account is empty or full of diamonds, you can receive the Fee features.

The tool primarily offers free costumes/skins for Free Fire characters as well as weaponry. After such a long time, it is indeed a newly produced app. Many of you have wished for a tool like this. Furthermore, you will find it to be as easy as the SF Tool. You should give it a try if you haven’t already.


Skin tools pro apk
skins tools pro

Features of Skin Tools Pro:

  • There are a lot of free skins for FF.
  • It makes changes to the most recent version of Garena Free Fire Heros also the simplest mod app.
  • On your device, it’s simple to manage.
  • While using it, there are no unnecessary or idle steps.
  • It is also anti-ban and free of advertisements.

Skin Tools Pro Free Fire offer Skin:

It appears to have two categories, each category containing different skins and values of outfits.


You may choose any skins from here. In addition, the Skin Tools Pro Free Fire APK includes the most popular and highly used skins in the New Character SKIN to help you beautify your FF heroes. In other words, change the function of an avatar to make it a more powerful warrior.

Weapon Funnctions

The other main category is dedicated only to the guns used in FF battles. It means that getting guns, rifles, and other weaponry is both convenient and quick. As a Free Fire player, you’re well aware of the importance of this item.


What is Skin Tools Pro?

It is an android application or tool that is used to change the Garena Free Fire’s appearance. Such as you can change hero skins, and weapon skins.

Is this Android app Free of Cost?

Yes, this application is 100% Free of cost for Android OS. You can use its premium functions free of cost and get attractive skins.

Is it safe to use?

This application considers in third-party android applications, so we are not sure to say that it is a legal app, also it is an android app that violates the Garena Free Free Fire terms and conditions.

How to Install Skin Tools Pro on Android?

  • To begin, click the link at the top of this page to download the app.
  • Second, it’s simple to set up when you’ve been granted the necessary rights.
  • Then you’re almost done modifying the Free Fire game.
  • For a certain skin, you must wait a short time after the download begins.
  • Now, use an option in the app to play the FF. This means you won’t have to download and install the game separately. There’s nothing else.


If you have the Skin Tools Pro APK loaded on your device, customizing the Free Fire gameplay is a lot of fun. All you have to do is select a skin from the menu and download it. Then it will appear in your game right away. However, while injecting the features, do not skip the advertisements. Otherwise, there will be no advancement. Finally, download and install the app right now to receive immediate results.