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Pixel Modz Apk (Free Fire) v8_v1.69.x Free Download for Android

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4.5 v8_v1.69.X 57.5 MB

No doubt Free Fire is the top action game in the market having millions of followers. But it becomes more interesting when you get a chance to serve by its premium features. It is only possible if you pay for them or get diamonds. But once you try Pixel Modz then you don’t need to do anything else.

You don’t need to pay or do hard work to collect diamonds. You just need to install it on your android device and then you can see the magic. All can be yours in the game just after performing a few steps. You can now unlock all the premium features that are top resources of the game and source to become pro players. 

You can unlock All Aimbot, All ESPs, FF Skins, and other premium items that everyone wishes to achieve. Free Fire is a quite tough game to play until the game changer Pixel Modz arrives. It changes the game and turns the situation into your control.

About Pixel Modz

It works as an alternate to Free Fire. It is a Mod version of free fire or cracks tool like Arabs. You can use it without getting any tough times. Developers have worked a lot on developing this masterpiece so there will be no obstacle for you.

It allows you to unlock all the premium items of the game including All Aimbot, All ESPs, FF Skins, Respawns, and many more. There is no, password and there is no type of registration process. it has amazing graphics quality that makes you addicted to this game and you will forget about the original game.

Besides all, it has more features like an auto headshot, Rank booster, and many more new features. It is a package for those players who are new in the game and fail to survive against the pro players and for those players who do not have sufficient amount of money to unlock the legendary items. So, just download it from our official website and grab all the items of the game free of cost.

Key Features:

All ESPs:

  • ESP Fireline
  • ESP Line ant sensitivity
  • ESP distance
  • ESP Grenade
  • ESP Color
  • ESP Box

All Aimbot:

  • Auto
  • Scope
  • Fire
  • Setting
  • Distance


weak players have a common problem that they lose their lives very early and they aren’t able to survive. That’s why they fail to play against pro players. But now you can unlock respawn and get extra lives by using the Pixel Modz Apk file.

Additional Features

  • No recoil:-Player can shoot multiple times at the same spot without recoil.
  • Auto Headshot: Provides the best setting for the auto headshot and safes your bullets from getting wasted
  • Drone View: It is very hard to find out hidden enemies to shoot. They can attach us at any time. To find out hidden enemies you can now use Drone view.
  • No Error & Problem: There are no errors you will face while using this. So, it’s free of errors use it without any problem.
  • No registration process: There is no registration process required to run this app. run it without any registration process.
  • Free to Use: It is free of cost. You can get benefits from the latest feature of this application free of cost.

How to Download Apk File?

  • Press on the download button to get this app.
  • After pressing the download button wait for a while. Because it took some time to download.
  • Then go to the download section of your browser. Here you will get your app.
  • Now Click on the app which you got in the download section.
  • Now it will ask you to allow unknown sources. Allow unknown sources by setting up your mobile phone.
  • For this (Unknown Sources) go to setting- then security- then you will see unknown. Just allow it.
  • After this it will be processed further you have to wait.
  • After all, is done then you will get your app in your mobile phone man menu.


How to Update this application?

This application is not capable of auto-updating itself because it doesn’t have any link with the Google play store. So, whenever it needs any update it will notify you through a notification in the panel of your smartphone.

Why premium items are so costly in the game?

Because they have a lot of advantages. They can make a character cool, awesome, and powerful. More than that these are the strong resources of the game if any player gets these items they can be a very strong player in the game and they can beat anyone very easily.

Is Pixel Modz Apk file safe to Download?

Yes,’ it is safe to download. Our developers have tested this and found no issue. It doesn’t harm your device and also there is no risk of data hidden from something else.

Do I need to delete the original game to Install this one?

Yes’ you have to first delete the original game then you can install this on your device. the reason is that it is an alternate version it is just like the original game which has more features and advantages than the original one. So, if you want to shift to this one then it is a must to delete the original one.


This application is full of interesting new features that will boost your rank in the game. If you want to get unlimited items then there is no better application than Pixel Modz Apk. The best thing about this game is that you can avail all offers free of cost. So, do hurry and download it now from our website.