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HD Streamz pro is a small live TV that will rule in your smartphone by Providing live TV channels, Movies, Web Series, short movies, and live sports channels. It provides about 1000 plus live channels where you can find your favorite and watch your favorite. Besides these, it will allow you to watch live shows and many sports channels that a single TV cannot show you. Now we will discuss that what will you get from this. 

Cartoon movies and Videos

Apart from all these, it provides Cartoon movies and short cartoon clips for your children. We all know children are curious about their favorite cartoons so for this they take control of the remote at home and bounds every one to watch with them or to let them watch, but now you don’t have to worry any more HD Streamz Apk has provided you the facility of cartoons movies also and short cartoons video clips. 

Good news for sport lovers

Here is the good news for sports lovers that in this app you can watch live games like cricket, football, tennis, and many more. Nowadays everyone is a sports lover who loves to watch their favorite game live but you know well that how busy someone is in nowadays due to their workload or any other circumstances they are unable to watch live games and feel heartbroken because there are no other resources to watch the game live at a time where they are except TV or some paid apps.

You cannot take control of the TV to watch you like one because there are many to watch so, the last option is paid apps and no one wants to pay and many others don’t have money to spend on these apps.

But now our website is bringing you this amazing app where you can watch sports games live without any charges. You can watch it on your android devices where ever you are no problem just make sure you have an internet connection maybe wifi or mobile data it will run like a cheetah.   

Be Ready for Upcoming sports events IPL, ICC MT20 World Cup, and ICC WT20 World CUP

IPL ( Indian Premier League) after covid-19 IPL is back again in action. Everyone is crazy about IPL and due to Covid-19, it got a stop. Now it’s back again to make you entertain but this time with a busy schedule because except Saturday and Sunday sports lovers are busy in their work and they cannot sit in front of the TV all the time.

So in this situation, this app will be a huge gift for you because now it will live stream IPL and you can watch it by sitting in the chair at your office or on the couch at your home. Watch live IPL remaining matches without any charges.

The world cup is the next action pack entertainment which is going to be held just after the IPL and you can watch world cup masala packed entertainment only on it.

Upcoming Movies and web series.

You will never miss any upcoming movie and series. it will make you stay updated on upcoming movies and web series. From Hollywood to Bollywood having different genres like ( Action, Thriller, Romantic, Adventure, and drama) it will cover all and show you the best of best.

Music makes a great impression on our mood and feelings and can change our mood in seconds and we love to listen to music for this you search for youtube and many more. Now this incredible app provides you with millions of songs and also makes you update from upcoming songs.

Now you don’t need to go anywhere because all you need is here in one mall. Download it and be a part of the fun and be up to date from the entertainment world.

HD Streamz Pro Key Features

  • HD Video Quality:-  Movies without HD quality means movies without any language you watch it or not doesn’t matter and watching live sport without HD quality then it’s better to not watch. This app provides you HD quality so, you can watch whatever you want with full of cinema touch.
  • Smart Search:-  has the facility of smart touch so you can easily find what you need.
  • Android Support:-  Support android devices download it on your android devices to get benefits.
  • 1000 plus channels:-  provides 1000 plus channels from all around the world. You will be tired by changing the channels but your channels are not going to be tired.

Approaches International Channels:-  approaches 20 plus channels from all around the globe like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, UAE, UK e.t.c

  • Easy to use:-  very easy to use a. Noob users can also use it without facing any difficulty.
  • No Registration:-  No registration process is required so, you are free from the long and lengthy registration process.
  • Safe & Secure:-  it’s totally safe and secure. No fear of any data theft.
  • No Ads:-  there are no pop-up ads that will create disturbance in between and keep annoying you.
  • Free of Cost:- this precious app is totally free.

How to download Apk?

After viewing the features of this amazing app I am sure you aim to download this. The downloading procedure is very easy and simple all you have to follow the instruction we are mention below.

  • Click the download button you see below on this page.
  • After clicking on the download button it will proceed to download.
  • It will take some time. So wait for a while.
  • After downloading process is complete then go to the download section of your browser.
  • Click on the app then it will ask you to allow unknown sources.
  • Allow unknown sources by setting your mobile phone.
  • Allowing unknown sources take the following step. First, go to the setting then click on the security the here you will see unknown sources. Allow them.
  • After all, is done your app will be seen in the main menu of your smartphone very smartly.

How to Install HD Streamz Pro Apk

  • Download first by following the steps mention above.
  • Allow unknown sources by setting your mobile phone. It’s easy to go to the menu tap on setting then click on security here to allow the unknown sources.
  • After allowing the sources it will install.
  • Then here you can get your app.


Is it safe to use on our android devices?

Yes,’ it’s safe and secure to use on android devices because it supports android devices so don’t worry it will work very smoothly on your device.

Is it free?

This mini-app is free you don’t have to pay for anything. Watch your favorite movies and live TV shows free of cost. Don’t be worry about payment all you do is just download it.

Does it provide a News Channel facility?

Yes,’ this app has also a news facility. Provide you world-class news channels for you. It provides local, national, and international news channels to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world.

Does it require any personal information?

No’ way this app doesn’t ask you for personal information. Feel free to use it. You will get the feeling like you are using your TV that doesn’t need any registration process and no fear of data leakage. Just on the button and watch the TV like this just open the app and choose what suits you and enjoy.

 Can I download HD Streamz Pro from the google play store?

No’ you cannot download this app from the google play store because of some policy violations and copyright issues. You cannot directly download it from google. Instead, use our website and without any restrictions, you can get it.

How does HD Stream work?

This app works very easily and smoothly. When you open the page then you get to see the display page where you have to see the streaming channel which you want to stream then click on the channel and then click on any link then click on streaming video. That’s it then you will get your live stream. Enjoy your moment.


This is the best app for people who are entertainment lovers. Having fresh and high-standard features this app doesn’t let you feel bad about this app after downloading. You will be surprised because it has more than we mention. This is a full masala pack entertainment that it will make your day and you can access it at any place at any time having your control.

This is cricket season and cricket lovers will not miss any chance to watch their favorite team playing so download HD Streamz pro and keep your chance with you. Download this app from our trusted website because this is the only website that is providing this facility for its users. Get it free now.

If you face any problem or you are stuck in between then contact us through your precious comments in the comments section we will try our best to solve your problem because we never let you alone in problems.