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In this post, we will share the latest injector application called Box MLBB Pro 2021. This application provides various kinds of stitches or features, especially to get free hero skins (unlock all hero skins). To find out what its features are and how to install it? see the explanation below.

Box MLBB Pro 2021 is the latest mobile legends injector application modified by the modder. This application provides several inject menus that you can use especially to get skins. As we know hero skins are wanted by many players, but because of the high price, many players are looking for ways to get them for free.

Then what are the features? In addition to unlocking all skins, there are also features for unlocking custom maps, unlocking backgrounds, drone views, unlocking recall effects, changing analogs, and so on. how to use this application is also very easy, you just need to activate the menu and wait a few moments until loading is complete and automatically in the game you can get the items you want.

What is Box MLBB Pro?

Box MLBB is the newest and most advanced tool that may instantly unlock a variety of ML Skins, battle emotes, and other stuff for free, including Box Skin, maps, drone camera views, and more. It can be utilized to easily defeat the opposite team and win games with little effort. This injector secures a position in the players’ phone due to its fantastic capabilities and simple-to-use interface.

Is Box MLBB Pro Safe for Android OS:

Our most of the users asking such kind of questions related to this application, so let answer this quesstion. So, in most ways this application is not safe for Android OS. Because it is a third-party application so thats the reason this application cosider an illegal app.


Box MLBB Pro 2021
Box MLBB Pro

Box MLBB Pro APK installation tutorial below:

How to Install the Latest Box MLBB Pro Injector Apk to Unlock All Skin Hero ML

  1. Download the Box MLBB Pro ML Apk which is in the link below.
  2. Once downloaded, install and open the application.
  3. On the front view activate the inject menu you want to use.
  4. Wait a few moments until the download is complete.
  5. If so, open the mobile legends game and play the game.

What’s New in Box MLBB Pro Update:

  • Update the Yve
  • gusion night owl
  • Roger cybrog
  • Carmila is special
  • Special Cecilion
  • Pharsa samba
  • Luo Yi is special
  • Kufra star
  • Khaleed elite
  • Alu Lightbron ABC
  • Alu star ABC
  • Lyla blazing ABC
  • ABC special Kagura
  • Harley Epic ABC
  • Work abc non abc folder
  • Remove abc skin

The latest version of mobile legends currently changes the contents of the Art folder with alphabetical names a to z. So make sure the mobile legends game on your play store is the newest if you want to use the abc folder menu.

Download Link:

From this section, you can download the latest version Free for Android smartphones, make sure this an official website of the MLBB Skin Injector official website. All the Skin Injectors are free of cost and compatible with every android device.


That’s above how to install the Latest Box MLBB Pro Apk to Unlock All Skin Hero ML. If you have questions about the installation, please submit them in the comments box. Don’t forget to keep visiting the Downloadapks website because there will be updates on trick tips every day about mobile legends games. Have a nice play!