BGMI Apk + OBB (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Free Download for Android

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4.5 v1.7.0 70 MB APK + 700 MB OBB

Indian PUBG players are really sad because it has been banned in India. Every player thinks that how to play this again. Because PUBG is a world-famous game and players are addicted to it. It is quite hard to forget about it. But don’t be worried we are providing you with the rebranded version named BGMI Apk ( Battleground mobile India).

We can say that just the name has been modified otherwise it is just like other battle games. Or we can say in simple words that you will get to see more features than other action games. It is becoming a new famous game among the masses. It is great graphics quality and an amazing script keeps the audience engaged.

If you were good in your previous game then it will be more interesting to play and challenging to defeat. This will be the best action game for you and even it will never make you disappointed. So, test your skills in the new journey and win the war to be the best pro player.


Now you get more and more interesting things once you start playing it. It is safe and secure most important it is a legal game and available in India to play in place of PUBG. If you are Indian and you want a game just like PUBG then there is no match of BGMI Apk. So, download it now from our official website and get it free of cost without any charges.

The Gameplay

It is a player versus player shooter game. Where 100 players parachute onto an island and battle with the remaining 99 players till death. One who lives will have the chicken dinner. It is the last man standing game. Players can choose solo, duo, or with a small team of up to four people.

There are six maps where you will be a parachute. You should have the best time to eject and parachute to the ground. Players do not have weapons with them from the start.

Once landed on the island then you have to search for ghost towns, buildings, and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, and other gaming equipment. Finished players can be looted to acquire their gear as well. The map of the game changes every few minutes.

BGMI APK Features:

  • Graphics:-Graphics are going to blow your mind. Developers have put amazing graphics into it. It increases the value of the game more.
  • Easy user Interference:-It has very easy user interference. Anyone can easily use it without getting into any trouble.
  • Map:-Map to show the locations and also it shows the enemy’s position.
  • EvoGround BGMI Map:-Interesting and a new map has been added to the game. If you play the game on this map then you will get amazing rewards and gifts.
  • Characters:-You will get fantastic characters who are chain in this game. It is because it is the country versus country means India Versus India so, that’s why characters are like the people of India.
  • Sound Quality:- If you will compare the sound quality of PUBG with this game then you will get a huge difference. Because BGML has the best sound quality the PUBG. Developers have improved the sound quality very well.

How to Download BGMI Apk?

A few simple steps should be taken to download this fantastic game.

  • Press on the download button to get this app.
  • After pressing the download button wait for a while. Because it took some time to download.
  • Rename the OBB files to
  • Then go to the download section of your browser. Here you will get your app.
  • Now Click on the app which you got in the download section.
  • Now it will ask you to allow unknown sources. Allow unknown sources by setting your mobile phone.
  • For this (Unknown Sources) go to setting- then security- then you will see unknown. Just allow it.
  • After this it will be processed further you have to wait.
  • After all, is done then you will get your app in your mobile phone man menu.

How to Install BGMI Apk?

  • First of all, download it by pressing the download button below.
  • Now go to the download section of your browser to get the downloaded app.
  • After you get the app then you have to rename your OBB files to
  • Now allow unknown sources by setting your mobile phone. If you don’t know then go to the setting icon and press the security option. Once you did this then you will see the unknown sources option then allow that option.
  • Now install the downloaded battle ground mobile India on your device.
  • All is done. Other than that if you face any problems while using this game then let us know. 


Why BGMI is better than PUBG?

It is better than PUBG in so many cases. Like PUBG gradually started to become a hard game to play due to an increase in the number of users. But this game has been developed in a system that will not disappoint its users at some point. In this game, you will see many features that are not in PUBG. Some of the differences are.

1. You can also log in with your old ID in Battle Ground Mobile India
2. Faces of people have been changed so that you will see the faces of the real public of India.
3. Also supports the English version of Battle Ground Mobile India in Hindi. Many other differences make this game better than PUBG. 

Why did India ban PUBG?

Due to national security issues the Indian government banned, many Chinese applications PUBG was one of them that’s why the government banned PUBG.

What needs require to make BGMI?

Because people loved PUBG especially Indian people and they got addicted so the reasons government banned PUBG. So, there is a need of making a safe and secure game that secures the data of Indian people and keeps them safe from being them leak. So, as result, this game came into being.

Is it safe to use?

It is safe and secure. Because all the data of this game is hosted by the Indian data center. You cannot make a friends global and also you cannot use some other server except in India. 

Is it safe to Download?

Yes,’ it is safe to download. Our developers have tested this and found no issue. It doesn’t harm your device and also there is no risk of data hidden from something else.


BGMI Apk is an amazing game for Indian fans. Now they have their own game which is hosted by the government of India which means now there is no fear of data leakage. So, users can focus on their game full of mind. The best thing is that you can also log in to this game with your old PUBG account.

Don’t waste your time and download it now. Download it now from our official website free of cots. Contact us if you have any queries related to this app or if you are stuck while using this. We are here to solve your issue.