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Today we are bringing you an amazing application only designed for FF gamers to make gaming more enjoyable and easy to play. Akahari Extra FF Apk comes with some amazing features and a mod menu which you can easily use in Garena FF gaming to kill your enemy and to be a pro player.

This is the best application you can have if you are searching for a third-party mod or injector to make it easier for you to play FF. This app basically modifies the game and makes it more comfortable and easy for gamers to play without any difficulty or problems. Also, you can use Bad Team and Tech Box 71 for more features.

In this article, we are going to provide you with all the basic information about Akahari Extra Free Fire to make it more understandable for you. Don’t go anywhere and stick to this article.

What is Akahari Extra?

It is a modified version of Gerena FF gaming that helps a gamer to unlock many premium tools and also provides many features that a gamer can use against the opponent.

Having Akahari Extra FF results in more wins for a player and the best thing about this developer is you can use many paid tools for free. Yes, you can unlock many premium tools along with many other remarkable features.

Some amazing features you can use while gaming is ESP distance, ESP line, Aim lock, and much more. So let’s discuss briefly some extraordinary features you can have with this application.

Akahari Extra FF Features:

  • No fall damage.
  • Wall EX.
  • Wall stone.
  • Max Skill.
  • Speed Player.
  • Jump player.
  • High Vision Player.
  • High Teleport Player.
  • High Fly player.
  • Speed time.
  • Skill Vehicle.

Menu Aimbot

  • Aimbot fire.
  • Aimbot Scope.
  • Auto Skill.
  • Aim Fov.
  • Aim Check Visible.


  • Auto Fire.
  • Aimbot.
  • Crouching.
  • Aimbot Auto.
  • Aimbot jump.
  • Aimbot.
  • Aimkill VX.

Menu Data Game:

  • Aimbot Move.
  • Auto Skill weapon.

Menu Fly:

  • Update Fly.
  • Update Underground.

Fly By Akahari Extra:

  • Fly.
  • Fly Altura.
  • Fly speed.
  • Camera Speed.
  • Fly Auto.


  • Underground Vehicle.
  • Fly Vehicle.
  • State Fly Bug.
  • State Underground Bug.

Menu Teleport:

  • Teleport Team check.
  • Teleport Player/ No check.
  • Support Root and unroot devices.

Amazing Facts about Akahari Extra:

This app provides a vast number of features to a gamer which helps to make FF gaming easier to play. There are many gamers who are using this application and are taking advantage of all these features. One of the best things about Akahari Extra Mod is no one on the battlefield knows you are taking assistance from a third-party tools.

This means your opponent can’t detect you are using such kind of app. This is amazing to kill your enemy on the battlefield and they can’t even notice it. All these facts about this application make it the favorite of many FF gamers.


Is Akahari Extra FF Apk Safe to Download and Install?

Mostly Files downloaded from APK can cause damage to your devices and no one can fix this damage. All you have to check is whether the website you use for downloading is valid and trustworthy. Then you can easily download and install this application.

Why is Akahari Extra is Best?

Because of its new features and updated Mod Menu. These features make your game easy and you can easily win.


No doubt this application is the safest and most reliable third-party assistance a gamer needs in gaming and furthermore it provides a vast number of applications with many variations. This means now in just one app you can have a million options to use against your enemy.

This is a 100% recommended application to all FF gamers. In just one use of this application, you will see it yourself. Give it a try and you will be the best Garena FF gamer among all others players.

Usage of this application is easy and user-friendly but if you feel any difficulty using this then do tell us as we will be honored to help you out. Keep on visiting our website and bookmark it to stay updated. Hope this article was informative and helpful.